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In 1997, a live album was recorded at a local Houston, Tx church. The album, recorded with The Living Water Band, was the highlight of that season, for Robert. The feel represents the acoustic style of the time and is different from the edgier feel of Faithful Friend.

“There are a few songs on this album that I still love a great deal”, says Robert. “My favs are No One Like Our God – this was awesome in corporate worship, Draw Me Closer – same with this… people really enjoyed worship with this because of the invitational style of the song. Though not as popular, I feel that Spirit Fall On Me is the jewel of the bunch; Tell Me That You Love Me is a beautiful song, and I Want To Know You provides some variety in the flavor. I hope you enjoy the re-release of this album.”

Tracking Listing
1. If Your Gonna Praise Him
2. Open Up
3. Let The Rain Fall
4. Thank You
5. No One Like Our God
6. Draw Me Closer
7. Musical Meditation
8. Spirit Fall On Me
9. A Prayer
10. Tell Me That You Love Me
11.I Want To Know You
12. Let’s Celebrate / I’m Gonna Dance

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